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2013 Water Quality Report is available online

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Date: Jun 30th, 2014

2013 Water Quality Report is available online at


Hillsborough County and Tampa Bay Water routinely monitor for contaminants in your drinking water according to federal and state rules and regulations. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Consumer Confidence Rule requires public water suppliers to provide consumer confidence reports to their customers. These reports also are known as annual water quality reports, or drinking water quality reports.

As approved by the EPA, the state has reduced monitoring requirements for certain contaminants to less often than once per year because the concentrations of these contaminants are not expected to vary significantly from year to year. For this reason, some of the data in our annual water quality reports is more than one year old.

The EPA requires monitoring for more than 80 drinking water contaminants, but only those detected are allowed to be included in the annual water quality reports.

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