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Can-DO Provides BHA with Big Box Development Info

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Date: Aug 9th, 2014

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July 29-Can-Do Information Update (Following Mediation) for the Bloomingdale Roundtable held on July 23, 2014

Provided by Pete Sleszynski, Can-Do


WHERE ARE WE AFTER MEDIATION? We have now been fighting for fair, or any, representation from our Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) for over a year.

Four officers of CANDO went to mediation on June 17. Results of mediation are confidential further dividing the community with questions about what actually happened.

The developers stated in a meeting with CANDO members last September that the big box site plan was all about finances, so from that meeting major compromises about the big box retail would not be expected.

Are you STILL worried about adding 8,000 + more cars a day to the Bloomingdale library/high school area? You should be. Numerous accidents, including those with fatalities, have occurred on Bloomingdale Ave. Imagine what will happen when the number of cars on the road more than double each day. These are your kids who will be in harm’s way.


Are you STILL concerned about bringing a 24 hour a day super store to the middle of the Bloomingdale residential community?


The merits of the original lawsuit still exist and can be pursued by any group of concerned citizens. You can start tomorrow if you get involved today. The research has already been done and most of the facts uncovered. The CANDO officers who went to mediation cannot take any future action.

2010: The County and developers approached the Lithia Oaks HOA to get input and citizens expressed alarm at the project.

The developer promptly withdrew their application for rezoning but then worked with county staff for over a year (at the insistence of the BOCC) to find a way of modifying the existing land use code. This was done using an alternative procedure without any public comment (or public knowledge of the process). This is what we call a backdoor rezoning!

July 2013: Following a public meeting with Al Higginbotham, the BOCC made a statement that the developer should work with the community. This never happened. Why not BOCC?


1. Contribute to a new legal challenge, either as an individual, a group, or through your HOA. In the previous challenge a small number of people volunteered thousands of hours of their own time; and financial contributions came from a very limited number of people and groups. This new challenge will only work if everyone contributes something. If not, we will end up with even more dangerous traffic/crime in the Bloomingdale/Lithia Pinecrest area with no proposed County solutions or funding.

2. Educate yourself and go to a meeting.

3. Distribute these facts to at least five of your neighbors. Grow the group and build community support.

It should be clear in this election year that our County Commissioners never showed leadership to protect our interests in the Bloomingdale area.

Bloomingdale Big Box Project By-The-Numbers


Info provided courtesy of Bloomingdale Can-Do.