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Meet Your BHA Board #1

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Date: Aug 4th, 2014

Meet Your BHA Board

George T. May IV serves our community as Bloomingdale Homeowners Association President. He served on the board several years ago, and after a brief hiatus, returned with his new role in 2012.

May has lived in Windsor Woods (Bloomingdale East) for the past 17 years, has a daughter and is a proud grandfather twice over. “One of the many things I love about this community is the beautiful trees,” commented May. Taking in Bloomingdale’s natural beauty can be a challenge for May as in addition to his role of BHA President, he works full time as an independent financial advisor. However, when time permits some play, May enjoys softball, golf and cycling.

As BHA President May helps to run the organization and has similar powers to a corporation’s CEO. He is responsible for daily administration tasks and can order actions that are necessary to advance the goals of the association. He leads monthly association meetings; is responsible for the fiscal well-being of the association; and, represents the BHA in the community and with local government. In addition to being well connected in the community, May benefits the BHA with his ability to turn around organizations headed in the wrong direction. These talents are evident in the growth of the board under his leadership from just a handful of members to the re-establishment in 2013 of a full board with committees. “My vision for the BHA is that we continue to raise the bar,” said May. “There are always things to improve. Working together, the Bloomingdale community can ensure it’s a top notch place to live, which will create demand for people to move here.”

BHA Meet the Board - George May