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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Bloomingdale Neighborhood Association (BNA), formerly the Bloomingdale Homeowners Association (BHA)? The BNA is the master association for the entire Bloomingdale community, including all mandatory and voluntary HOA neighborhoods. There are 32 neighborhoods of which 16 are mandatory. We are a voluntary organization. If you would like to join, our dues are $35 annually and go towards many programs, including our community newspaper, The Bloomingdale Gazette, our newly revised and improved website, our Facebook page, annual garage sale, community clean-up days, scholarships, Easter Bunny visit, government liaison, and our annual Santa visit.

•Who do I contact about road and sidewalk repairs? In most cases, Hillsborough County Public Works maintains our community roads and sidewalks. Contact their service desk at 813-635-5400. Should you be injured on county property, contact Hillsborough County Risk Management. The department link for Risk Management is: That site has a link “Citizen’s Claim Form for Property Damage or Injury.” The BNA does not own, maintain or have responsibility for these areas. The Association does help with reporting issues to the county, however. 

How do I report a county code violation or neighborhood standards violation? There are several ways. Contact the BNA office by phone at 813-681-2051/252-0252, by email to, or by our website, using our “Contact Us” form. This is a completely confidential process. In our mandatory neighborhoods, contact the associated property management company. You may also, report the violation directly to Hillsborough County Code Enforcement at Or, call the Hillsborough Customer Service Line at (813) 272-5900.

Where can I get a copy of my neighborhood deed restrictions and covenants? They are available on our website for both our voluntary and mandatory HOA neighborhoods. Some mandatory neighborhoods have not provided us with documents yet. Only our mandatory HOA neighborhood deed restrictions are active. The BNA, with county code, has developed a neighborhood standards list based on enforceable code ordinances to help maintain standards in our non-mandated/voluntary neighborhoods. This list is available on our homepage and under our Neighborhood Standards tab. The non-mandated neighborhood deed restrictions have all expired. Only the 16 mandated neighborhoods have enforceable deed restrictions through their mandatory boards/property managers. 

Do I need approval before I add to or change the exterior look of my home? If you live in a mandatory HOA neighborhood, YES. If you live in a voluntary neighborhood, please stay within the general neighborhood aesthetics.

Why do I pay Neighborhood Association dues? In our mandatory neighborhoods, it is a requirement to pay HOA annual assessments. The BNA’s membership fees are $35 annually, payable beginning in January of each year. Our membership fee is used to provide programs and services for the entire community. We ask for your support.

When does the Board of Directors meet? The Board meets the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. at the Bloomingdale Community Office at 3509 Bell Shoals Road. Meetings are open and resident attendance is welcome.

What constitutes an inoperable vehicle? Vehicles are deemed inoperable when; the vehicle is incapable of being lawfully operated on the streets of the state or is in a state of disrepair. If parts are missing, dismantled, or inoperable which are required for operating the vehicle is considered inoperative. Any vehicle without a license plate, with plate not registered to that vehicle, or with a registration sticker that has been expired for a period of 90 or more days is also considered inoperable. These provisions apply to all vehicles and trailers but do not include hobby vehicles, or any vehicle stored within a completely enclosed structure. Check details on the Hillsborough County Ordinances site. 

I live on a lake/pond. Do I pay anything extra to maintain the growth and cleanliness? This depends on what neighborhood you live in. For example, in Cambridge Cove, the Bloomingdale Golfers Club shares lake maintenance expenses with homeowners. In Bloomingdale Ridge, the mandatory Homeowners Association maintains their ponds. In other neighborhoods, residents surrounding the lakes/ponds share the maintenance cost. Further, some lakes/ponds are owned by the county directly. The BNA, nor the Bloomingdale Special District (BSD) have any responsibility for lake/pond maintenance in any neighborhood, and cannot spend BNA/BSD funds on private property.

My neighbor’s tree limbs are hanging over my property. Should I contact the Association? No. Issues that do not involve county code ordinances/neighborhood standards are best handled by talking directly with your neighbor. Legally, you may trim branches of trees that are on your property up to the property line. Trimming should be accomplished in a manner that does not harm the tree’s health. Contact a certified arborist for expert advice.

What are the assigned public schools for our area? Alafia and Cimino Elementary, Burns Middle and Bloomingdale High Schools. There also are a number of quality private/charter schools in our area available for all ages.

On what days is the garbage picked up? Tuesday, includes regular household trash, recyclables and yard debris and Friday, regular household trash only.

My garbage was not picked up, who do I call? For questions or complaints, contact the Hillsborough County Public Utilities Department at (813) 272-5680.

Is there a recycling program? Yes, our recycling cans are blue. They are emptied curb-side on Tuesday by a special recycling truck.

What about lawn clippings and garden waste? Tuesday. Waste must be either bagged or tied in bundles.

What about larger household items? Old appliances like refrigerators and building materials are not eligible for curbside pick-up. Call Hillsborough County Waste Management for drop off locations. Or, wait for our community clean-up day in the spring and fall and drop off the items then.

How do I get garbage collection started? The County notifies Waste Resources automatically when you move in.

How do I report a streetlight that isn’t working? Write down the two sets of numbers that appear on the pole, then call TECO at (813) 223-0800.

What days may I water my lawn? The County restricts the use of water and determines the dates. Check the “Community News and Events” or News Archives sections for more information, or go online to the Hillsborough County website.

Are garage sales permitted in Bloomingdale? Generally, yes. Many of our mandatory neighborhoods have strict requirements regarding yard sales. Consult your deed restrictions or call the specific neighborhood property management company. The BNA holds one community-wide garage sale in the spring. In 2021, the garage sale will be held in September. 

Which post office delivers the mail and where is it located? The Valrico Post Office delivers the mail. It’s located on Hwy 60 off Miller Road, but the closest post office is in the shopping center at Bloomingdale and Kings Avenues.

For what type of construction do I need a permit? A permit is required by any owner, authorized agent, or contractor who desires to construct, enlarge, alter, repair, move, demolish, or change the occupancy of a building or structure, or to erect, install, enlarge, alter, repair, remove, convert or replace any electrical, gas, mechanical, or plumbing system.

Do you have other questions that need answers? Contact us at or 813-681-2051.