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Neighborhood Improvement Program


Neighborhood Standards: Program initiated by BNA, Enforceable by County Code Officers

The Bloomingdale Neighborhood Association (BNA) adopted new Neighborhood Standards during the July 2016 board meeting with an effective date of August 1, 2016. Developed in partnership with the county’s Code Enforcement Department and based solely on existing Hillsborough County Code Ordinances, the standards are legally enforceable by county code officers.

While aimed primarily at our non-mandated neighborhoods, see list below, the standards are applicable to our mandatory HOA neighborhoods too. These standards provide residents a baseline for property maintenance and are designed to protect property values and quality of life.

Our mandated HOA neighborhoods already have enforceable deed restrictions in place that typically are more restrictive than the county ordinances that make up the new standards document. In addition, our mandatory HOA neighborhoods have violation and assessment committees, and procedures well established and working successfully.

There are two options for residents in any Bloomingdale community to submit complaints. Residents may contact county directly, contact their mandatory HOA/property manager,  or the BNA. Complaints in our mandated neighborhoods must first be submitted to the appropriate mandatory board or property management company.

The new standards help you, the resident, and the BNA continue to keep our community thriving and a place we can all be proud to call our home. 

Non-Mandated neighborhoods include:  Augusta Village, Bloomingdale Estates, Bloomingdale Oaks, Bloomingdale Trace, Bloomingdale West, Chadd’s Ford, Cypress Reserve, Fairway Manor, Fairway Park, Oakcrest, Sandy Creek Manors, Bloomingdale Pointe, Pine Oaks, Spring Lake, Stratford Trace, and Windsor Woods.

To Register a Complaint:

  1. Submit to Hillsborough County Code Enforcement online at OR OR call 813-272-5900.
  2. Should you wish to remain anonymous, contact the BNA through the contact form online at, via email at, or call 813-681-2051 or 252-0252.

Neighborhood Standards and Reference Links

Final Neighborhood Standards – version 1.01 – 20160730

Final Neighborhood Standards References – version 1.01 – 20160726

The BNA’s Neighborhood Sign Program aka “Name your Neighborhood” was completed in 2013. Every neighborhood in the community is named — 32 to be precise! The last neighborhoods to be named were Bloomingdale Pointe and Fairway Park. 

All entryway sign maintenance is handled by the Bloomingdale Special District.